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Our Work

Couchbase Connect

Created an app to accompany the Couchbase Connect 2014 conference, using Couchbase Mobile & Xamarin.Forms.


Used Xamarin to build iOS and Android apps that connect MAPCO customers with MY Reward$ and Mobile Pay while on the go. Delivered a backend system to support the client-side.


Built a robust backend along with iOS and web apps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical paging and messaging systems.


Built a prototype iOS app to control wearable devices and a parallax website to show it off.

Oak Hill School

Delivered a simplified and focused iOS app delivering the latest school news, events and resources.

Wholesale Inc.

Built a custom inventory system to keep everything in order.

Healthy Plate

By connecting offline services to a simple user interface, we were able to provide valuable and quickly accessible food facts on the go.

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