Shawn is a Senior Software Engineer. He has a Computer Science and Math degree from Middle Tennessee State University. He has a dog, a child, and a beautiful wife, but was nevertheless searching to fill the Firefly Logic-shaped hole in his heart. Shawn found us on Twitter. Once we learned of his programming genius, we promised him a life of excess and grandeur with snacks stacked to the sky and drinks as far as the eye can see. He believed us. We immediately chained him to his new desk until he realized we had over-promised. Once Stockholm Syndrome kicked in, we were good to go and Shawn was finally complete. Shawn used to work at one of the largest background research companies in the nation, which makes sense because he pretty much knows everything. If, for example, Zanzibar red colobus monkeys have figured out a way to construct an alternate universe from a secret underwater base primarily utilizing sunken ship parts and coral reefs – Shawn probably already knows about it.