Len is our Director of Business Development. He grew up in Michigan as an artist. His dad was an electrician and, naturally, Len picked up some tips and tricks. He worked as a handyman for a while, after trying his hand at engineering school. In another life, he worked in snow removal. Colder still, as a street-smart recruiter. AND as an account manager who carried a sawed-off shotgun for protection. Actually, the shotgun part we added for effect – but man, that would have been cool. Len has 15 years of experience in sales and project management. Twelve of those years were spent in the IT field. So if you want to talk serious sales cred, Len’s got it. He holds a Bachelor of Biblical Theology from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL, which is also legit. He joined the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002, where he developed and implemented the Corporate Volunteer Program. That’s CVP, on the streets, y’all. He later moved to the Telecommunications group and served as Telecommunications Manager for an elite Ski venue managing truckloads of money and skiing. He has worked for a couple different tech companies as the Director of Sales. Plus, he and his wife direct their nine kids. We get it, you like to direct stuff.