Josh Bush is a fixer. Not in the illegal, “This-drug-deal-went-south, call-the-fixer,” sense. It’s more like, Josh can fix your car or sink or programming issue. And once he’s fixed something, he’s all about sharing the love. As a contributor to and administrator of his own site,, Josh offers advice and tips on tech and other various topics. He served as Vice President of the .Net User Group, maintains open source projects and has spoken at the .Net User Group and DevLink. He has worked in the Health Care industry doing everything from running the help desk to design and development. What else, you say? Josh used to work as a telemarketer, which he described to us as, “The best job I’ve ever had.” Although, we may have misunderstood him. Alright – judging by the look he’s giving us right now, we may be wrong. Ok, yeah, we’ve made a terrible mistake. Moving on. Basically, Josh can fix stuff, has worked for The Man, probably called your house trying to sell you a security system, and enjoys giving back to the programming community. Fixer.