Bryan realized his need for computers in the 2nd grade. The class assignment was to write out the alphabet 10x while his teacher read a book or something. By the time everyone had finished, Bryan had written it only once, but the result was more a perfect typeface than handwriting. He had closed his eyes and imagined a computer finishing the work. At age 11, he didn’t have to imagine a computer saving him anymore (well, future Bryan anyway) when he pooled funds with his brother and purchased a Commodore 64. But let’s get to the important facts. Bryan is a Partner and Senior Software Engineer, served as president of the Nashville .NET User Group, is a Microsoft MVP in C#, founded the Fugitive Art Center, developed software for Cracker Barrel HQ, earned an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BS in Management Information Systems from Tennessee Tech University, wrote some kind of crazy script for GTE that involved a SWAT team, operated as a consultant for 6 years with a Microsoft partner, and came up with the “Firefly” part of Firefly Logic. Oh, and we know everyone has done this last bit, but Bryan has also dissected a cadaver. We aren’t sure how to connect all of this stuff, but we gather this isn’t his first rodeo – nor his last.