Ben is a Senior Software Engineer and Partner. Ben’s first exposure to the computer business, as a youngster growing up in England, was reconditioning IBM mainframes for his uncle, Johnny. The experience sparked an interest in electrical engineering, which Ben studied for a couple of years. But taking advice from another uncle, Bill (engineer of the RISC chip for Digital), Ben decided to get into software. The next stop on Ben’s journey landed him in a pharmaceutical internship, monitoring systems and writing scripts on an MRP II system. After making Prozac for a bit, and gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Royal Holloway University of London, Ben jumped on a plane to Nashville. He worked on a Master’s Degree while teaching stuff like building circuits, software algorithms, programming theory, and what-have-you. After school, Ben worked at a consulting company during the dot-com bubble, then, started Intuitive Digital while consulting and creating web apps on the side. Then came OOP Works, which has a confusing name, but was essentially the beginning of Firefly Logic. (Extra points if you get it). Ben is an entrepreneur – the kind that starts a Paintball Munitions Company because it sounds fun and interesting. He claims to be passionate about cricket and anything tech. Well, what else is there?