Geek Social is a monthly, no-agenda meeting of the Geek Minds of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. It’s a chance to get together, relax, and find out what’s going on in the world away from your desk. Our hope is that Geek Social is a networking resource, but also a place for ideas to be born or for finding help getting an idea off the ground. If you’re just starting your career, it’s a great place to meet veterans who love to help. If you’re a veteran, it’s a great place to hear about the latest trends. Plus, there’s always good food and a staggering selection of beverages at the Flying Saucer. Join us, and add your geek passion.

We only have two simple rules:

  1. Be a Geek about something. It takes all kinds of Geeks to make things happen. You don’t have to be a software or hardware engineer to be Geek. Just be vocal about your area of interest and bring your enthusiasm.
  2. No recruiters, please. Recruiters are a vital part of the Geek ecosystem and they bring a very valuable service to the party, but the Geek Social is all about the people who make the technology work. This has helped make the Geek Social what it is today and we appreciate all our recruiter friends for understanding.

Where & When: Geek Socials are generally held on the first Thursday of each month, at 6pm, in the party room at the Flying Saucer. The south side of the building offers a secure parking entrance. Bring your ticket in for validation and a fee discount.

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