About Us

The future is driven by those who follow that nagging curious voice asking, “what if?” Our ambition is to help answer that question. Merging leading-edge technological expertise with business strategy, we propel companies to shift futures through software.

Firefly Logic employs a holistic approach in developing business solutions, recognizing that technology is not the answer in itself but the context in which we solve problems. Our mission is to guide companies through the daunting yet rewarding process of realizing bold business objectives through precise, strategic software design.


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    Tech Counsel

    We understand that not all projects are fully envisioned in their infancy. After all, it’s not possible to choose the best technology strategy without knowing your options. Our mission is to help your business navigate this unfamiliar terrain, while keeping your organization on the cutting edge of advancements in the field.

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    Tailored Strategic Solutions

    There are countless ways to solve any given problem, and every problem is unique. At Firefly Logic, we distill the clearest and simplest solution from the limitless pool of potentials.

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    Cross-Platform Development

    Well-designed software necessitates a cohesive network experience. We build integrated systems that handle complex operations while maintaining seamless user experiences on the web, tablet, phone, and beyond.

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    Mobile & More

    Yes, we build mobile apps; from native iOS to Android and Windows Phone. We create iPad experiences users will love. We’ll make sure it looks great, while also aligning with your overall business strategy.

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    UX / UI Design

    Graphic design is an essential part of creating great software. We believe form and function combine to make for the most satisfying user experience. You want your software to work – you also want it to be intuitive and enjoyable to use.

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    Sometimes software is like a plant. It grows, it changes, it needs a bit of pruning to keep neat and look good. We’ll save you the pain of tending it.

Areas of Success

  • entertainment


    Music, film, performance, animation and more. Things may not be what they used to, but a good story still moves the masses. From ISRC codes, to sharing, managing an overload of files, or moving “merch,” we build the machinery so talent shines.

  • healthcare


    Whether your focus is primary to tertiary care; public health, EMR/EHR, claims processing, or aggregating data that once lived in too many places–what you envision, we can build.

  • sports


    On the business playing field, technology assets must work to keep your head in the game and focused on a win for your team.

  • finanace


    Our skills range from expert regulation and compliance insight, to how payment processing really works.

  • manufacturing


    Whether your output is handicraft, industrial, or high tech, we understand process, market drivers, and your need for results.

  • publishing


    There are more outlets than ever to get a message or story to your audience. Partner with us, and keep the means from being the message.